Chatyn-Tau (4412) - the 1st Ski Descent of the SE Couloir. 


Chatyn-Tau is a 4412 m high mountain in Svaneti, Georgian Caucasus. Three summits give it a distinctive, impressive shape. Still, the peak stands in the shadow of its famous neighbor, Ushba (4710 m). Still, Chatyn-Tau hold some of the best steep-skiing lines in the Caucasus. One of the is the large Southeast-Couloir of the West Summit (4310 m), clearly visible from Mestia.
In 2010 I visited Svaneti for the first time. My attention lay on the 5000 m summits such as Shhkara. Still, the SE couloir on Chatyn-Tau, well visible from Mestia, inevitably drew my attention.

In May 2013 Canadian steep skier Trevor Hunt and I arrived in Svaneti. We had just done the first ski descent of Mkinvartsveri`s NE face and looked for new challenges in wild Svaneti. It did not take long until we hiked up the Chaaladi glacier to the base of Chatyn-Tau. The couloir looked now scary from the bottom. 1800 m vertical, wild bergschrunds and crevassed at the bottom, seriously steep and exposed at the top...[more]